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Manicure, Pedicure Trends & all you need to know

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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails. …

Manicure at V for Hair & Beauty, Merivale

When the same is applied to the toenails and feet, the treatment is referred to as a pedicure.



A manicure for the hands consists of filing and shaping the free edge on the nail, pushing and clipping (with a cuticle pusher and cuticle nippers) the cuticles.
manicure merivale
Soaking in the luxury Pure Fiji bath soak, massage of the hands with either Pure Fiji Exotic oil or Pure Fiji hand lotion and the application of fingernail polish or gel polish of choice.


Our pedicures are a beautiful luxury experience the pedicure treatment includes foot soaking in a lovely warm Pure Fiji bath milk soak, foot scrubbing with a pumice foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, cuticle work foot and calf massage, moisturiser and nail or gel polishing of choice.
pedicure merivale

Paraffin Power

The ultimate in hand and feet care…special add on service Paraffin dip to any manicure or pedicure.
Paraffin at V for Hair & Beauty, Merivale
Paraffin dips can be especially helpful in relieving the pain and stiffness of arthritis involving the small joints of the hands. The hands are dipped into the melted, warm wax, and the wax can cool and harden around the sore joints.

A paraffin wax “dip” or “bath” is a soothing treatment in which the feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale we often include paraffin dips with pedicures.

A paraffin treatment can feel like just a luxurious splurge a, but the truth is, it can be more than just an add-on to a manicure or pedicure. A wax bath has many wonderful benefits for both your skin and your overall health. Paraffin wax has a long history for treating all kinds of ailments naturally and it is still beneficial today.

The paraffin is scented with soothing essential oils. After several layers are added, the wax will be covered in a plastic bag, wrapped in hot towels and you can relax as the benefits kick in. The wax will trap the heat against your skin as it hardens, opening the pores. Once the wax is completely cooled it will be pulled away, taking dead skin cells along with it.

Nail Trends

Nail Trends
8 Nail Colours That Will Be Huge In 2019/2020
• Neoprene Pink
• Glossy Navy
• Dove Grey
• Sheer Blush
• Poppy Red
• Crisp White
• Metallic Finish
• Neutral Taupe

Gel Polish

pedicure gel
Gel polishes are used for the increasingly popular gel polish manicures and pedicures. These gel manicures and pedicures are gentle to the natural nail and the polish stays intact on the nail for at least a couple of weeks with high shine and no cracking, peeling or chipping. Gel also comes in a variety of colours. I personally only have gel polish with my manicures and pedicures as its instant dry time and you leave the salon with the guarantee of smudge-free nails and if having a pedicure can put your shoes back on straight away. I also love gel polish if travelling or on holiday as it is more chip-resistant than nail polish.
Pedicure at V for Hair & Beauty, Merivale
To remove gel polish we strongly advise to leave this to the professionals. If you pick, rip or peel your gel polish to remove it you are damaging your nail bed and this means your next application of gel polish may not last as long. At V for Hair and Beauty, we buff the surface of your nail with a nail remove the shine, then soak a cotton pad in gel remover and place it directly on top of your nail. Follow by wrapping each finger with a small piece of foil, and after 10 to 15 minutes, the gel polish should slide right off.

Time to pamper

Pamper yourself at V for Hair & Beauty, Merivale
We can accommodate several clients at once for a manicure and pedicure pamper session. Why not have a mother and daughter pamper or grab some girlfriends and come in for a luxury pamper. We have a large beauty room that’s perfect for this you are welcome to have bubbles as well!

Good grooming takes effort

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2 responses to “Manicure, Pedicure Trends & all you need to know

  1. Hello, I’m interested in getting a pedicure that you have on special for $49, can you please tell me, do you use gel/shellac polish?, do you offer good heel work and not just a quick buff?, is the paraffin wax included, and how long do you massage for?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Sally. Here are the answers to your questions.
      Yes we use gel/Shellac polish this is an add on to the pedicure on the voucher deal just $10 extra.
      Yes we offer good heel work and we always suggest that if you have particular areas that you want us to focus on then please let your therapist know on the day.
      Paraffin wax is an optional extra and is on special this month.
      Massage is usually about 10 minutes but can be adjusted depending how much heel buffing you need as this may take extra time if required.
      Please see link to Pedicure on special with options.
      If you require more information feel free to call us on 033556584 Warm Regards Vicki

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