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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

By V For hair and Beauty Salon Technical Manager, Georgina Isherwood

In the 1500’s India was the first country to embrace into their culture the idea of shampooing their hair. This was done with mixtures of soap berries or soap nuts soaked and dried and mixed with herbs used to wash the hair.

Haircare history

When the British colonised into India they took the idea back to England and started to commercialise it by pressing the mixture into bars used to wash the hair.

Traditional British soap bars.
Traditional British soap bars.

In 1927 Hans Schwarzkopf invented liquid shampoo, originally this shampoo was quite close to soap but in 1930 there was an introduction of Drene which is a synthetic surfactant. Today of course we have moved on and there are many ingredients that go into making the perfect bottle of shampoo.


Your Stylist can guide and direct you towards your needs and these can be changed each time you need to replenish dependent on what your needs might be.

These can be determined by many different factors, weather can play a big part, as well as what salon services you are receiving at the time.

Schwarzkopf hair care range
Schwarzkopf hair care range

Sometimes we need some repairing shampoo, but a moisturizing conditioner can get that even mixture of protein to rebuild and moisture to soften your hair.

The reason Schwarzkopf hair care range is above the rest is because as a company they are always evolving and re-launching as the knowledge grows, just as Hans Schwarzkopf did all those years ago.

We at V for Hair and Beauty, are a Schwarzkopf salon and we wholeheartedly believe their products deliver the results to our clients and we see it in the way the hair receives the benefits.

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