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Get that Beard in shape, with beard oil it makes a world of difference.

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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee


What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is designed to deliver your beard with essential oils that will keep it healthy and strong. It also conditions beard hair and promotes healthy hair growth.


Why You Need Beard Oil?

At the root of your beard, there exists the sebaceous gland that supplies hair follicles with natural oils. This gives your beard the moisture it needs to grow and look healthy. These glands eventually run dry after rapid growth and need to be replaced, which is where beard oil comes in.

Benefits of Beard Oil


  • Softer and smoother beard
  • Minimizes beard itch
  • Looks shiny but not greasy
  • Repairs damaged beard hair

Vj Barbers - Merivale, Christchurch - Beard oil

Using beard oil at VJ Barbers, Merivale, Christchurch

Beard Oil Application Here at Vj Barbers, we are doing lots of beard grooming for clients , if you wish to keep your beard tidy in between visits then you need to use a good beard oil.
We recommend and have for you to purchase Wahl beard oil.
It moisturises your beard and skin.

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