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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

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We have many different ways you are able to save at V for Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers Merivale. Money can get tight, especially around Christmas after buying presents for friends and family, but that doesn’t mean you should go without treating yourself as well. We offer you haircut deals in both the salon and barbers, as well as always having hot deals on our website and ways to save like the Early Bird Club Laybuy and Genoapay.

Early Bird Club

You may have heard the saying that it’s the early bird who gets the worm, but at V for Hair and Beauty Merivale, it’s the early birds that get the best deals. Our Early Bird club is not known to all of our customers, but it comes with amazing deals! Simply make an appointment time between 8am and 10am Monday to Saturday for any of our hair colour services or beauty services. Mention Early Bird Club when booking and all pre-booked hair colour or beauty services receive a 50% discount.

We offer 50% off all beauty and hair colour services between 8-10am.

We open at 8am daily or earlier by request. Every stylist or executive stylist and beauty therapist in our salon offers this EARLY BIRD Club. This is the perfect way to maintain your existing colour and waxing services at an economical rate. All our beauty services are offered at the EARLY BIRD CLUB. All work is done by qualified stylists and beauty therapists. We do have conditions that come with the early bird services. Offers only apply to hair colour and beauty services, other add on services will be charged at usual rates. We can also only give estimates over the phone as we can’t see your hair. Minimum charge after discount, Hair $50, Beauty $30. No other discounts or combo rates apply.

Our Student and Tertiary discounts are very popular in the Barbers and make our services even more affordable.

Not coming into a colour service or a beauty appointment? That is all good as we also offer student discounts in both the Salon and Barbers for haircuts.


Save up to $34 on a cut and blow wave in the salon by mentioning the student discount at booking. The same goes for the Barbers, we offer a discount for both High school and tertiary students for haircuts, again just simply mention the student discount at booking to save.

Look good now, pay later!

If you want to purchase some hair and beauty treatments, but they don’t work in with your current budget, make sure to inquire about Genoapay or Laybuy. Using Genoapay or Laybuy, you pay off your appointment over a few weeks, with no interest and no fees.

This makes it a smart way to be able to enjoy your services now and worry about paying later. Want a Keratin Smoothing treatment? Have a wedding coming up? Want to purchase some GHDs? Want to book a series of facials? All of our hair and beauty services are offered on Genoapay, so it’s the perfect way to try a service you’ve always wanted to give a go, but never had a budget for.

First, you have to create an account with Genoapay or Laybuy and get pre-approval for purchases. Once this has been done, simply ask to use Genoapay or Laybuy at the checkout in our store, it’s that easy! You don’t need to wait around for approval either, once you have applied to Genoapay they will instantly let you know how much you are able to spend. There is also no cost to you, the client, we as a salon pay a small fee for offering this payment platform. Once you have entered the payment using your debit or credit card details, Genoapay will split your total purchase into 10 weekly payments and Laybuy over 6 weeks. If your total approved amount by Genoapay or Laybuy is less than what you spend in-store, don’t worry! You are able to pay a deposit and pay the rest over 10 weeks. Payment only takes 2 minutes to complete if you’re using it for your first time, and 30 seconds every time after that.

Have a look at our promotions and hot deals top get the best value on our high-quality services with professional stylists.

Another great way to save in salon is to have a look at our ‘promotions’ and hot deals’ tabs on our website. Under these sections are special deals, available exclusively online. By purchasing one of these packs, you can save massive amounts of money off our full-priced services. At V for Hair and Beauty, we want everyone to be able to spoil themselves every once in a while, especially for the New Year. Some of the packs perfect for students on a tighter budget would be the ‘All about eyes’ ($48) or ‘Christmas Waxing Special’ ($69 down from $105).

Beautiful Hair at Every Age

Have you heard about the “Golden Girls Club” special rates for senior Gold Card Holders? Many mature clients go to V for Hair and Beauty Merivale after being dissatisfied with their cuts and styles elsewhere. If you’re looking for a new hairdresser or just a change in style book in today for a free consultation.

Our team of stylists at V for Hair have over 60 years’ combined experience, and the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients.

It is important to have a style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly, lifestyle. If you choose to let the greys come in naturally, your haircut needs to create shape and make a statement.
There are lots of ways to add colour and minimise re-growth, such as foils with highlights and low lights.

Perms don’t need to be taboo! A good perm or style support can add manageability and volume to hair. Clients love having hair and beauty therapy all under one roof. Whether it’s for a relaxing facial, pedicure or an eyebrow tidy up, you will walk away looking and feeling fabulous from head to toe and with the “Golden Girls club”.

At V for Hair and Beauty, you will be pampered and well looked after, beautiful surroundings, refreshments menu and great service.

If you have any queries on any of our services, want a change or are coming to us as a new client, we always offer a one on one consultation with our team/ heads of each department.

Great grooming takes effort, but the effort is worth it, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

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