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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Vicki Ogden-O'Fee - Personal Stylist

Introducing Vicki Ogden-O’Fee
Personal Fashion Stylist

Vicki Ogden-O'Fee - Personal Stylist

I am so excited to bring these new services to our business. My passion is making our clients look and feel amazing. This year I have formalised my qualification as a Personal Fashion Stylist. I will still be continuing with hairstyling at our salon V For Hair and Beauty Merivale, while adding personal fashion styling to the services I now offer. So, with adding Personal Styling to my repertoire I can help update you from top to toe. I will give you a fresh approach, work with any budget, I am non-judgemental, confidential, caring, friendly and will help you to appreciate your worth and become the best version of you.

We all have a desired personal style that we want to portray, some of these include…

  • Creative – bright-statements-bling-colour
Creative - bright-statements-bling-colour
  • Feminine – frilly-Fluffy-softly spoken-gentle souls
Feminine - frilly-Fluffy-softly spoken-gentle souls
  • Elegant – silk pants-slips-clean lines-understated-classically beautiful-simplicity
Elegant - silk pants-slips-clean lines-understated-classically beautiful-simplicity
  • Sexy – effortlessly sexy -everything sex appeal- figure hugging clothes with style
Sexy - effortlessly sexy -everything sex appeal- figure hugging clothes with style
  • Dramatic – big spots- big shoes-dramatic-bold-bright-stand out
Dramatic - big spots- big shoes-dramatic-bold-bright-stand out
  • Natural – jeans-tee shirt-casual-beach life-natural make-up
Natural - jeans-tee shirt-casual-beach life-natural make-up
  • Classic – tailored- structured-professional-dark jeans
Classic - tailored- structured-professional-dark jeans

Helping you with your personal style, colour palettes, body shapes, wardrobe planning, personal shopping and total image makeovers. I have been in the hair, beauty and fashion industry for 30 plus years and have seen lots of fashions and trends come and go, but some things that never go out of fashion are confidence, class and style.

Style and confidence go together, if you are feeling good about yourself and how you look, you will naturally portray confidence. When confidence and style are paired together and are in sync, this is where someone comes across as having their own individual style and this can also be identified as your own personal brand.

I love to help you look and feel your very best; from knowing what really suits you, to helping you find it – Afterall our company motto is We don’t just do hair…” We do beautiful”

Is getting dressed each day easy for you? How many outfits do you put on before you head out the door? We can take baby steps, or I can change your life.

Start the change, your wardrobe is a great place to start. So is a beautiful new lipstick that enhances your skin tones.

Personal Stylist Christchurch

Don’t become a fashion victim let me come and play dress ups with you in your wardrobe, we can do a wardrobe assessment, give you a fresh approach about mix and matching your exiting garments to create new looks. I can help you make decisions on which garments you no longer need and the gaps in your wardrobe that you may want to purchase to make your wardrobe flow and be wearable.

Searching for the perfect outfit to wear can feel like an impossible mission at times. You can hunt through shop after shop looking for just the right piece to make you feel fabulous and when you do, it’s brilliant.

Sometimes finding the right outfit is a major stress and one you don’t need. Does this happen to you? It may not be just for a special occasion, you may go to your wardrobe and nothing seems right, your body shape may have changed, or you have new life events happening and want to look and feel fabulous.

I have many varied clients, busy professional woman who must look right at work, woman wanting to update their look, woman who look good but want new ideas, university graduates needing a professional work attire, mums returning to the work force, and have little time to be hunting through shops. I offer a friendly relaxed professional environment to help you become the very best version of you! I will give you true honest opinions and only suggest you invest in garments/outfits that make you look and feel amazing.

See links below to our Personal Stylist Packages…

Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package

Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package
Once in a lifetime investment: $249 

Personalised Colour Refresher Package

Personalised Colour Refresher Package
Refresher investment: $165

Wardrobe Audit_Planning Package

Wardrobe Audit/Planning Package
Wardrobe audit investment: $249 first two hours, $49 each extra half hour needed.

Personal Shopping Service

Personal Shopping Service
Personal shopping service investment: $249 first two hours $65 each extra half hour needed.

Vicki Ogden-O'Fee - Personal Stylist Christchurch

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