Meet Our Team

Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Owner and Master Stylist

Hi, I’m Vicki, Owner and Master Stylist at V for Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers Merivale.

I’m truly passionate about the hair, beauty and barbering industry. Which I started in some 30 plus years ago. During this time have trained and seen qualified over 50 apprentice hairdressers and barbers.
I’ve had many salons over the years and we have been in Merivale for nearly 10 years now.

I have two great boys Jackson and Harrison, both now left school and grown-up. Jackson is a qualified Greenkeeper and passionate golfer, while Harrison is a Builders Apprentice and has a passion for rowing. I also have three lovely stepdaughters, a grandson and son-in-law. My husband Mike and I lead a busy life, but in our spare time we both love gardening, house renovation, entertaining with family and friends, dinners out, a wine or two and discovering new places on holidays.
I also belong to a few networking groups where I’ve met many inspiring people some of whom have become close friends.

To keep everything running smoothly in the business I split my time 7 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday on the floor doing clients and afternoons doing admin, marketing and staff training.
I feel very fortunate to have a really great team I work with on a daily basis, everyone gets on really well and have great respect for one another. Having been in the industry a while now I’ve seen a lot of changes, I love learning new things. As a Master stylist, I’m really passionate about giving clients fabulous hair colours and styles that suit their look and lifestyle.

We don’t just do hair “We do beautiful”.


Salon Manager

My name is Georgina, I am the Salon Manager at V for Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers Merivale.

I have worked with the company as an Executive Stylist for 5 years, then moved into a management position for the last 2.5 years. I’m born and raised in Christchurch but over the last decade have enjoyed travelling and seeing some of the world.

My favourite place to date is definitely Paris……and London….No..Singapore….all of the above……. Christchurch will always be home for me though. I love keeping my house looking full and fun with loads of personal bits n bobs in vignettes that I’ve collected up from my time on earth……an eclectic look but everything in its place.

I also enjoy gardening, swimming and lately have taken up aqua jogging with my Mum…whom I love dearly.
My Partner is Jabz, he is British and introduced me to travelling, we also enjoy going to the pictures and watching a good gritty English series on telly together.

My job at V for Hair and Beauty suits my natural need to organize people and things and my desire to keep everyone happy and the wheels running smoothly.
Luckily I have an awesome Boss, an amazing team to work with and a great clientele that keeps bringing in new challenges for us to tackle and achieve daily.



Beauty Salon Manager

Hi, I’m Pam,

Originally from India in the north (Punjab) my husband and I have called New Zealand home for some time now. 

When I’m not busy at work my hobbies and interests include cooking, dancing, reading and shopping. I love to meet and talk to my regular and new clients and really get to know their beauty needs.

I work with a great lot of people and enjoy my management role. It is important to me to make people feel special and give clients the best service. Apart from the management business aspect of my role I am passionate about beauty maintenance, I’ve been told I’m pretty good at threading and have a large following for this. I also enjoy facials and achieving great skin goals with my clients. It’s in my nature to lead a happy life, I love being busy.

Come and visit us, new clients, always welcome.


Executive Stylist

Hi I’m Daniel,

My wife and young son have immigrated from Ukraine, Eastern Europe in 2018.

I have been hairdressing around the world for ten years in Europe USA and more recently on cruise ships working in their hair spa.

I come from a family of passionate hairdressers my mother training me from an early age in hairdressing.

My passion for hairdressing is creating beautiful colours to enhance the client’s overall look such as Ombre, Balayage, Highlights and global colouring techniques.

Giving clients a new look with a fresh precision haircut is one of my many fortes along with educating my clients on how to care for their hair at home.

In my spare time, I enjoy diving, cars, hiking the hills and being out with nature.

Travelling cooking nice food and swimming are also past times I enjoy.



Executive Stylist

Hi I’m Sara,

I was born in Christchurch but have spent the last 7 years in Rarotonga working in the hair and beauty industry and also training up and coming stylists.
My hobbies and interest are drinking wine, diving-but not when it’s cold here! Taking my dog to the beach.

I’m lucky to have my mum here in Christchurch as well as two brothers with one sister in the Solomon Islands. I have a lovely wee dog Gatsby he’s a cute Yorkshire terrier.

What do I like about my job?

I’m a morning person so I love the 8 am starts and this is great for my clients who choose to have their hair done before work and look great all day.

I’ve been in the industry for many years and there’s not much I can’t handle, I love colour work restyling and beautiful blow waves.

Morning tea shouts on ya birthday! The awesome people I work with and great clients! An inspirational boss and great coffee.


Stylist Director

Hi I’m Kumar,

I used to work for one of India’s top upmarket salon groups Lakme salon before moving to New Zealand and taking up a position with V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.

I have been hairdressing for 8 years and I come from a long line of hairdressing experts in my family going back 3 generations.

In my family, I have two brothers, my mother and my sister in law. If I am talking about my hobbies, I love cricket and football. I love to garden.

I am very passionate about my work.  My interest is huge in progressing with the latest techniques and technologies and I’m always curious about new trends, haircuts, colour coiffure and styles.

I specialise in Hair ups, Ombre, Balayage, Chemical straightening, Keratin treatments and I’ve been told I’m pretty amazing with scalp treatments and hot oil scalp massage.

I love meeting new people and welcome all new and existing clients for a complimentary full consultation on any of the mentioned services.

Please come in and have a chat I would love to look after you!


Stylist Director/ Barber

Hi I’m Fiko,

I have been in the hair industry a while now. I come from Istanbul Turkey this is a very busy huge international city. My family still live in Istanbul.

In my spare time, I love to travel, playing my guitar, listening to music. I also have an interest in photography and hiking in the outdoors. I enjoy visiting many different places and meeting new people from different cultures. I have done a variety of things within the hair and fashion industry including wedding hair worked on photo shoots for magazines such as Marie Claire and Xoxo. I have also worked in the grand the luxury Hotel Ciragan Palace Kempinski and alongside Toni and Guy.

I really enjoy my chosen career and creating great looks for clients on a daily basis.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Stylist/Beauty Therapist

Hi, I’m Ankita,

I have been at V for Hair and Beauty Merivale for some time now. I originate from the west of India Gujrat. My husband Gokul is the Head Barber at Vj Barbers Merivale so I was really happy to join the team at V For hair and Beauty Merivale and to be working in an industry I love in a family orientated business.

Here in New Zealand, my husband is my only family, but back home in India, I have a brother, sister, mum and dad. I miss them but we skype regularly. I love New Zealand as it is one of the best places in the world to live in. Everyone is so friendly and I love the open spaces and all the places I have yet to explore. I am very passionate about hair and beauty and I come from a family of hairdressers and beauty therapists, we have a large hair and beauty salon back in India. I specialise in Keratin smoothing, permanent hair straightening, hair colouring, threading and facials. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Beauty Therapist

Hi, I am Harinder

I am originally from India, North side of Punjab which is known for its culture, traditions and food.I have been in New Zealand for 3 and a half years now with my husband Kumar who is the Stylist Director at V for hair.

I am so excited to join the V for hair Beauty team as it will be such an honor to work with such a renowned company. I’m looking forward to utilizing my skills and treating my clients to my favorite services which are Body Massages, Facials and Pedicures. I am also skilled in waxing, gel nails and henna brows.

Apart from all these, my interests and hobbies are cooking, shopping and keeping in touch with my family back in India. I have 2 Brothers, 1 Sister and my Mum and Dad that are living in India.

I would say the reason I love being a Beauty Therapist is because I love to mingle with people and ensuring customer satisfaction is meet is the best feeling ever, this is the best form of advertising for me.

See you all in our Salon soon.


Specialist Barber

Hi I’m Gokul,

I’m originally from Gujarat in the West of India near Baroda which is known as the cultural capital of India. I originally trained in a family Barbering business going back four generations which has seen me learn some amazing barbering techniques passed down through the generations.

I have 9 members in my family all are working in the hairdressing industry. Some of my hobbies include cricket and volleyball.

My wife Ankeita and I are both in the hairdressing/barbering industry and are passionate about our craft. I have been working at Vj Barbers Merivale Mall for a few years now and are qualified as a barber in both India and New Zealand.I perform various services for all men from young lads to old boys and everyone in between, such as Hot Steam Cut  Throat Shaves, Trendy haircuts, Blading, Men’s facials, Men’s De-Greying camo service.

It’s important to me to work with a team of people who give fantastic service in men’s grooming. Through years of perfecting my craft, I have become exceptional at my Cut-throat shaving skills…. Well, that’s what my clients tell me.

I feel I have a wealth of expertise and men’s grooming knowledge and I am a bit of an extrovert man. I like to talk to and meet different people who come from various parts of the world as well as being creative and always looking for new and latest trends to keep myself at the top of my game.

I’m fluent in Gujarati, Hindi and English and have a lot of Indian clients that come to me to converse in Gujarati, Hindi these clients have been to other NZ Barbers who do not understand their hairstyle and grooming needs. I will certainly look after you and communicate to get a great result with your cut and shave services.