Personal Fashion Stylist Packages

Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package:

A Personalised Colours & Body Shape consultation with Personal Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee is your secret weapon, fashion accessory.

Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package

You will…

  • Discover how to look and feel your best every day.
  • Have a wardrobe that works for you, looks great on you and gives you confidence and style.
  • Have colour as your secret weapon, a no-cost item in your wardrobe.
  • Save yourself time, money, energy and reduce waste. Shopping is easier, discover how to choose the right colours for clothing, jewellery, footwear and sunglasses.

For many of my clients, this has been life-changing. I will teach you how to select the right colours, giving you style and confidence to realise your full potential.

Package includes…

  • Body shape analysis, so you know what style and fit of garments are best for your individual body shape.
  • A full-colour palette consultation and your personalised season colour fan to take away.
  • Full hair colour and style consultation.
  • Advice on beauty and skincare treatments.
  • Makeup colours.
  • Complimentary email follow-up for those questions you may have after your initial consultation.

Once in a lifetime investment: $149 (usually $249)

Personalised Colour Refresher Package:

Personalised Colour Refresher Package

Package includes…

  • Consultation to make sure you have the correct colour palette.
  • A re-fresher to learn new exciting ways to use those colours and receive an injection of colour energy into your wardrobe.
  • Update your colour choices.
  • Full hair colour and style consultation.
  • Option to purchase a new full personalised season colour fan to take away.

Refresher investment: $165

Wardrobe Audit/Planning Package:

Wardrobe Audit_Planning Package

Do you think you have nothing to wear? Are you sick of looking at your wardrobe and it makes no sense? of looking at your wardrobe and it makes no sense?

I can help you create a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle giving you confidence and a fresh sense of style – a wardrobe that is organised in a way that makes fashion sense has far less clutter but more to wear. This session takes approximately 2 hours and is best done in your home, or you can come to our salon in Merivale.
To really get the most out of this service, it’s worth doing your Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package beforehand.

Wardrobe audit investment: $249 first two hours, $49 each extra half hour needed.

Personal Shopping Service:

Personal Shopping Service

Searching for the perfect outfit to wear can feel like an impossible mission at times. You can hunt through shop after shop looking for just the right outfit, this can be a major stress and one you don’t need. You may be looking for an outfit for a special occasion, you may go to your wardrobe and nothing seems right, your body shape may have changed, or you have new life events happening and want to look and feel fabulous.

Well this is where I step in with some expert help. Let me help, as we go shopping together for fabulous garments that you’ll not only love to wear but will feel great in, these garments will also work with other items to give you flexibility in your wardrobe. With just you and me (your personal stylist) going shopping you will avoid pushy salespeople that don’t have your best interests at heart or wont always give an honest opinion. I will be there right with you selecting the perfect pieces that suit your colour, body shape and style.

Personal shopping service investment: $249 first two hours $65 each extra half hour needed.

To get your ultimate look and style it is very much worth doing all three packages, Personalised Colours & Body Shape, Wardrobe audit and Personal Shopping.

Purchase three packages together for just $699.