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Specialist Barber at Vj Barbers Merivale

By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Congratulations, from us all at VJ Barbers Merivale, to Lucy Lim, on being granted full New Zealand citizenship and specialist barber.

Hello, I am Lucy and for the past five years I have been a Specialist Barber at VJ Barbers in Merivale Mall. Since arriving in New Zealand 10 years ago it has been my dream to call beautiful and peaceful New Zealand my home. With the granting of New Zealand citizenship my dream has come true now and I look forward to sharing my future with the many wonderful clients I have met and with those I am yet to meet.

Before coming to New Zealand, I completed my degree in Professional Beauty style at the YIT Institute of Technology in Seoul. I have also attained international certification as a Barber here in New Zealand.

Barber Merivale
Lucy receiving her NZ citizenship

As a Specialist Barber, I offer my clients a wide range of hair treatments that are suitable for all ages, from stylish razor cutting, colour, highlighting to de-greying, camo and Cut throat hot steam shaving.

It is not pleasant to look at the grey hair that looks dull and flat between the black hair. Grey hair often makes a person look older than you actually are. Many clients who do camo De-greying hair with a haircut without proposal at such age.

De-greying or CAMO as we like to call it, is our speciality, designed for the distinguished man putting the “pepper “back into the salt and pepper look. This service takes only 20 minutes, lasts until your next haircut, has no regrowth and can make you look years younger.

In most cases, it seems that you think you can only dye your hair with black or dark brown in the past.

Camo De-Grey Clients
Camo De-Grey Clients


But nowadays, the CAMO of the new grey hair is naturally professionally coloured.
People will notice you look nice and different, but will not know you coloured your hair!
We understand the current hair colour of the customer and consider the eyebrows and skin tones together, and we will professionally tailor to suit the characteristics of the hair according to the density and condition of the hair. Many of our male clients get this service done every time they get their hair cut.

Lucy in her happy space working with her lovely clients

VJ Barbers also offer our clients the additional services of beard Line-up and a cutthroat hot steam razor shave for the ultimate in smoothness. I am always happy to discuss your hair-cut and grooming requirements and expectations with you. I look forward to seeing you soon With Kind regards Lucy Lim (Specialist Barber)

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