Welcome to V for Hair & Beauty
& Vj Barbers

We are your one stop ladies and gents grooming shop. Hair, Beauty & Barbering salon all in one convenient location in Merivale Mall, Christchurch.

V For Hair & Beauty is a boutique feminine ladies hair salon for the girls and Vj Barbers grooming for men from young lads to old boys the traditional barber services with a modern day twist. At our Merivale salon we also offer a wide range of hair care, styling products, GHDS and skin care.

Our stores are located at 189 Papanui Road, Level one Merivale Mall the Fashion central of Christchurch.

Work Life Balance

Even the most successful people are always striving to find balance in their lives. That’s what makes them great leaders and all-round good people. Most of us have a time in our lives when we just feel out of whack. Specifically, we feel like we’ve lost that sense of work-life balance. We know we may … Continued

The ins and outs of facials and why you need one this Summer!

Well, we’ve finally made it into summer and while the weather may be a bit on and off over the past few weeks, we have had at least a decent amount of sunshine. But as some of us unlucky ones have found out, just one day out in the sun can lead to your skin … Continued

Feel Good Summer Hair Grooming for 2019

There’s a saying that spreads at the time of New Years that we all seem to hear “New Year, New me.” Whether it’s relating to work, fitness, hair or fashion it is most likely you will create a resolution to better yourself for the next year. At V for Hair and Beauty, we believe you … Continued