Golden Girls Club Price List

All prices start from those quoted and are subject to change without notice. Please allow to arrive 5 mins before your scheduled booking.
24 hours cancellation requires on all appointments unless stated. No show on voucher makes voucher void.
Minimum charge for hair service $30.

Gift vouchers available on all services.

Rates are applicable to your chosen stylist level.
As a salon we can only give an estimate over the phone without seeing your hair and your individual needs.
We recommend that if you require a firm quote you have a complimentary consultation with one of experienced stylists.

Hair Services

 Stylist DirectorExecutive StylistMaster Stylist
Golden girls casual fashion blow wave$42.50$45.50$49.50
Golden girls fashion blow wave$49.50$49.50$59.50
Golden girls weekly classic blow wave$32.50$35.50$42.00
Golden girls weekly fashion blow wave$44.50$49.50$49.00
Golden girls classic cut & blow wave$55.50$55.50$65.50
Golden girls fashion cut & blow wave$59.50$59.50$65.50
Golden girls perm, cut & blow wave$145.50$145.50$189.90
Golden girls tint & blow wave$95.50$105.50$139.50
Golden girls tint, cut & blow wave$115.50$120.50$169.50
Golden girls add a few foils to tint service$30.50$45.50$55.50
Golden girls full head foils & blow wave$145.50$155.50$198.50
Golden girls full head foils, cut & blow wave$165.50$155.50$198.50