Beautiful Hair at Every Age

Have you heard about the “Golden Girls Club” special rates for senior Gold Card Holders. Many mature clients go to V for Hair and Beauty Merivale after being dissatisfied with their cuts and styles elsewhere. If you’re looking for a new hairdresser or just a change in style book in today for a free consultation.

Rates are applicable to your chosen stylist level.
As a salon we can only give an estimate over the phone without seeing your hair and your individual needs.
We recommend that if you require a firm quote you have a complimentary consultation with one of experienced stylists.


The friendly team of stylists at V for Hair have over 60 years’ combined experience, and the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients.

It is important to have a style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly, lifestyle. If you choose to let the greys come in naturally, your haircut needs to create shape and make a statement.
There are lots of ways to add colour and minimise re-growth, such as foils with highlights and low lights.

Perms don’t need to be taboo! A good perm or style support can add manageability and volume to hair. Clients love having hair and beauty therapy all under one roof. Whether it’s for a relaxing facial, pedicure or an eyebrow tidy up, you will walk away looking and feeling fabulous from head to toe and with the “Golden Girls club”.

At V for Hair and Beauty, you will be pampered and well looked after, beautiful surroundings, refreshments menu and great service.

Next Generation StylistStylist SupremeStylist DirectorExecutive StylistMaster Stylist
GOLDEN GIRLS CASUAL BLOW WAVE/SET$40.00$40.00$42.00$45.00$49.00
GOLDEN GIRLS CASUAL FASHION BLOW WAVE/SET$42.00$44.00$49.00$49.00$55.00
GOLDEN GIRLS WEEKLY CLASSIC BLOW WAVE$30.00$31.00$32.00$35.00$40.00
GOLDEN GIRLS WEEKLY FASHION BLOW WAVE$35.00$39.00$44.00$49.00$49.00
GOLDEN GIRLS CUT AND BLOW WAVE CLASSIC$49.00$51.00$55.00$55.00$59.00
GOLDEN GIRLS CUT AND BLOW WAVE FASHION$49.00$51.00$59.00$59.00$63.00
GOLDEN GIRLS PERM CUT BW/SS$115.00$115.00$145.00$145.00$169.00
GOLDEN GIRLS TINT BLOW WAVE/SET$89.00$90.00$95.00$105.00$125.00
GOLDEN GIRLS TINT CUT BLOW WAVE$95.00$95.00$115.00$120.00$145.00
GOLDEN GIRLS COLOUR THROUGH ENDS SHORT$10.00$10.00$10.00$15.00$18.00
GOLDEN GIRLS ADD A FEW SCATTERED FOILS$15.00$15.00$30.00$45.00$47.00
GOLDEN GIRLS FHF SHORT WITH BLOW WAVE$125.00$135.00$145.00$155.00$169.00
GOLDEN GIRLS FHF SHORT WITH CUT & BLOW WAVE$135.00$145.00$165.00$175.00$189.00