Standing together Christchurch

Standing together

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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

This week is about celebrating cultural diversity in our community and workplace.

At V For Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers Merivale, we pride ourselves on our multi-cultural team of Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty Therapists. This gives great diversity and experience to our business culture.

We have staff from, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Ukraine and Turkey. We have also had staff members from Korea, Fiji, Scotland, England, Ireland and Poland. Many of these people have travelled from overseas to start a new life in New Zealand and get ahead in life. I have found that most are usually very dedicated to doing the best by their workplace, clients and community which gives a very good client experience.
As a business owner I really embrace different cultures and like the vibe and customer experience, it gives our business. Having diversity means we all learn new skills from each other, we accept and embrace the different cultures and we work extremely well together as a united team.

V for Hair Staff
Vicki, Master Stylist: Kiwi
V for Hair Staff
Georgie, Salon Manager: Kiwi

V for Hair Staff
Pam, Beauty Manager: Kiwi originally from India
Ashmi, Beauty Therapist: Kiwi originally from Nepal

V for Hair Staff - SophiaSophia, Receptionist: Kiwi
V for Hair Staff
Sara, Executive Stylist: Kiwi

V for Hair Staff
Daniel, Executive Stylist: Kiwi originally from Ukraine
V for Hair Staff
Kumar, Stylist Director: Kiwi originally from India

V for Hair Staff
Rachel, Apprentice: Kiwi
Specialist Barber Staff
Gokul, Head Barber: Kiwi originally from India

Barber Christchurch
Fiko, Specialist Barber: Kiwi originally from Turkey

Now of all times in our beautiful city of Christchurch New Zealand, we need to stand as one, love, accept and help each other. There are many and simple ways we can make time for each other, help friends, family and community. While not forgetting to look after ourselves at the same time. Here are a few simple examples:

  • Sharing a meal with friends and family or go for a simple picnic or fish and chips at the beach

Sharing a meal with friends and family

  • Lighting candles at home to create a peaceful relaxing ambience and taking time out for you enjoying a relaxing bath

Lighting candles at home

  • Taking time out to read about new things

  • Looking after our health and fitness, making time for you!

Looking after your health

  • Buying a stranger, a coffee or doing a small good deed for others

  • Meditation


  • Listening to your favourite music

  • Give everyone a smile, even those you don’t know

  • Pick flowers from the garden and give to friends and family

picking flowers from the garden

This week has been a moment in history that we will never want to see repeated.

But the one thing we should all celebrate and be so very proud of is how all communities and cultures have come together to help, support and protect each other.

V for Hair - Stand together Christchurch


Stand strong Christchurch and New Zealand, this is all our home.


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  1. Wonderful comments Vicki. I totally agree about the great vibe you have at your business and the way we all have things to learn from each other. Being humble is a good start.

  2. Beautifully written Vicki. You have a wonderful talented team of gorgeous human beings, who care about the human beings that are their clients. Love to all xxx

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