Our Mission

By engaging, up skilling, building and retaining a team of individuals who are passionate about being the front people of a fun, forward thinking, progressive Hair, Beauty and Barbering Company. We give our clients amazing grooming experiences.

DREAM – PASSION – INSPIRE…If you can dream it you can do It.

The passion that Vicki has for the hairdressing industry comes across in the group’s brand and mission statement.

V for Hair & Beauty

Tying the two brands together V For Hair & Beauty for the girls was launched. V stands for vivacious, vitality, vigour, versatile, voluptuous and vibrant, all words which relate to woman and our unique and individual styles.

At V For Hair & Beauty our values are “We don’t just do hair, we do beautiful in beautiful surroundings with fantastic service!”


V For Hair & Beauty is a truly feminine hair and beauty salon. Furnished with French antique furniture, chandeliers, luxurious imported English wallpapers and plush red leather waiting chairs makes a truly beautiful salon where woman can come, relax and be pampered. Featuring a private waiting area where top of the line refreshments such as gourmet herbal teas, coffee selection or a sparkling water if you prefer are served.

V For Hair & Beauty opens at 8am daily for your convenience which makes it possible to have a cut and colour before work and you can enjoy you’re salon styled blow wave and finish for the entire day . V For Hair & Beauty bring you the latest seasonal trends with a focus on creating beautiful, feminine hairstyles that suit each woman and her individual life style. We don’t just do hair “We do beautiful”

Vj Barbers

Vj Barbers was launched first followed later by V For Hair & Beauty and V For Hair, Body & Fashion. Vicki saw a real need to create a space that men and woman could call their own for their grooming needs.

At Vj Barbers our values are We don’t just do hair, ”WE DO GREAT HAIR IN AN UPBEAT MASCULINE ENVIRONMENT.”


Vj barbers is a male only modern day barber shop, all the barbers are specifically trained in all aspects of barbering and men’s grooming, one of our specialities is the hot steam cut throat shave.. The space is masculine, fun and upbeat .Vj Barbers look after all males from young lads to old boys, latest fashion trends to short back and sides we cater for them all. Vj stands for Vicki Jane the founder of Vj barbers.

About Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Vicki always wanted to be a hairdresser, getting her first professional hairdryer at the age of seven and sitting for hours in her Aunties salon… dreaming of one day becoming a hairdresser and owing a salon of her own.


While at school in Timaru she worked for free after school for two years to gain experience in the hairdressing industry, this paid off and she secured an apprenticeship in ladies hairdressing.

After completing her ladies hairdressing apprenticeship she set up her own business at the age of 18 as “Dial-a-Style” mobile hairdresser, going to people’s homes to do their hair for them. After two years she sold the business, which gave her enough money to get started in her first salon. She set up Headmasters Hair Design in Belfast, Christchurch a few years later the business was expanded and Headmasters was moved to a larger site, and Beauty was added to the salon. Vicki worked on the floor along with a team of eight. In 2001 Vicki sold Headmasters hair and beauty to move on to a new challenge.

Vicki then bought into an existing franchise starting with one salon and opening 5 more stores In the next three years and built this business up to have six stores and 70 staff. This was an exciting and challenging time, one where many friendships and new skills were established. In 2007 she sold out of the franchise and started the V For Hair Group.