Vj Barbers Price List

All prices start from those quoted and are subject to change without notice. Please allow to arrive 5 mins before your scheduled booking.
24 hours cancellation requires on all appointments unless stated. No show on voucher makes voucher void.

Gift vouchers available on all services.

Men’s Grooming

All grooming services include trimming ear and nasal hairs, brow and nape grooming.
Please base prices on a specialist barber unless you request a specific time and booking with a next generation barber.


Next Generation
Clipper cut - Fading, One or Two Blades$18.00$21.00
Young lads -13$19.00$20.00
High School Students$23.00$26.00
Tertiary Students (With ID)$29.00$33.00
Old Boys 65+ Full Cut$19.00$22.00
Old Boys 65+ Back & Sides$17.00$19.00
Mens Cut & Style$31.00$35.00
Specialised Razor Cut$45.00

Camo De-Grey$45.00$45.00
Camo De-Grey and Cut$49.90$54.00
Highlights and Cut$65.00$69.00
Permanent Colour$55.00$55.00

Full head powder lightener (Short)$70.00$70.00
Toner Short$28.00$28.00

Beard Grooming$18.00$20.00
Line up Shave$35.00
Standard Hot Shave$49.00
Premium Hot Shave$59.00

Scalp Massage$20.00$22.00
Mens Ger Facial 60min$129.00
Mens Ger Facial 75min$149.00

Men’s Waxing

(less than 5 weeks)
First time
(more than 5 weeks)
Back & shoulders wax$49.00$69.00
Neck wax$24.50$29.00
Chest wax$48.50$59.90
Stomach wax$45.00$59.90
Full leg wax$65.00$89.00
Half leg wax$45.00$65.00
Arm wax$49.00$59.00
Nose wax$10.00
Ear wax$10.00