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Christmas and Holiday Preparation

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By Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

December has arrived! I love Christmas time with all the family around and the fun and cheer that goes with it.
Last weekend was wet and rainy, so I spent Saturday doing some Christmas and holiday craft prep.

The first thing I made was two Christmas wreaths. These were made from things that I mostly had at home.

Polystyrene Wreaths from SpotLight
V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas2V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas
Gold Tinsel

I purchased two polystyrene rings from SpotLight. I had excess gold tinsel and some spare red and white flowers so the only other thing I had to purchase was some holly, this too was from Spotlight.

I used a glue gun to secure everything to the wreaths.

Firstly, I made a base colour for each wreath, I choose to do one with a gold base and another with white flowers.

V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas
I applied two rows of white flowers around the wreath then added in Red flowers and green holly. I have used fish gut to secure this to our lounge mirror.
V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas
Finished result, white Christmas wreath hanging in our lounge.
V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas
This gold wreath had red flowers and holly added. It hangs on our front door.

V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas
V for Hair and Beauty - Christmas

While at SpotLight I picked up some bargains on curtain fabric, which is just perfect for making table festive season tablecloths. As we usually have a big family Christmas, I always make two clothes one for our dining table and one for the trestle table extension. This is an economical way of having beautiful table linen at a cost-effective price.

Upcycling camping stools.

Upcycling camping stools.
Upcycling camping stools.

While I had the sewing machine out, I upcycled some of our old family camping stools that I found at Dads recently while cleaning out his garage. We used these stools 40 years ago as a family on our caravanning holidays. I had some leftover black and white canvas and made new tops for these stools, hopefully, another 40 years of holidays to come.

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